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Core Issues: Idolatry

A foundational study in idolatry by a fully-integrated survivor, Sally.

In this post, Sally shares an essential revelation that fueled her integration process as well as a guide for repentance related to idolatry.

I have been pursuing knowing the Lord Jesus Christ steadily for 20 years. Ever since coming back to the Lord at age 25, the Lord had impressed upon me the fact that at my heart and core self was idolatry.

For the first 5 years of misery and pain, I cried out wondering why the Lord used such severe methods to discipline me. It appeared that others were not going the same path as I. Ten years ago, the Lord began to reveal the extent of the idolatry, the entanglement of DID and SRA. At the very center of myself has been a heart of idolatry, generational and personal. The verses are some of those that may help others shorten their journey. I have had to own and accept responsibility of the idolatry, asking the Lord to have mercy upon me, repenting, turning my whole heart to Him. As I do, He is so ever faithful to run towards me with open arms and accept me into His presence.

These comments may sound judgmental, however, I have had to be very hard on myself and agree with God’s Word about myself. This is not to heap piles of condemnation on someone who is desperately coming out of this background. I know only too well what that is like. It is only to allow exposure to the Word of God to bring about a true heart, spirit, and soul conviction in order to be clean before our Lord and Savior. Hopefully, this will help shorten your journey. It has taken me 20 years of pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ in order for me to be able to sit here and write this. The idolatry has been so entrenched and entwined deep within my core personality. God has so lovingly extended his grace, mercy and time towards me so that I can fully repent. There will come a day when His grace and mercy have been exhausted and time has run out. He, then, will judge His people, because they have not fully agreed with Him and His word about their own condition. It is painful, but God is well worth the process. He will have his Church complete whole and spotless, now is the time to repent, in the day of grace and mercy, or He will take action!

It may be helpful to look up each scripture and make your own notes to your own reactions.

Exodus 20:3: God is jealous, visiting iniquity to the 3rd and 4th generation of those that hate Him. As we take responsibility for our own personal hatred and generational hatred towards God, He comes in and cleanses us. Sometimes we feel that God hates us. It is His jealousy over us because of the idolatry. Confess and forsake our own hatred of Him. Then we will know of His love for us.

Ex. 23: 13: We have worshiped other gods and have delighted in their names. We are not to acknowledge them by name. Confess and renounce all worshipping of their names. And acknowledge the names of our God.

Lev. 19:4: make no images. Lev. 26:1 make no idles or images or God will abhor us. We are made in the image of God. All idolatry focuses on displacing God’s image out from our hearts and placing the image of the idol instead. When we focus on any other image other than God, it is an idol and we become like it. Then we experience the feelings that God abhors us. We dissociate “God” away from our heart. Confess idolatry of hiding the image of the idol in our hearts, ask God to come in and connect with God’s image and our own identity. If a pervasive feeling exits that God abhors you, ask Him to reveal any idolatry in your hearts. (I had to fight the constant feeling that God abhorred me.) It may be a symptom of our condition of heart.

Deut. 27:15: We are cursed if we make any image and hide it in a secret place (ie: our human spirit). This is the essence of DID, the secret place is in the human spirit where we have become one with the ruling spirit that governs us. Renounce all hiding of images in our spirit and repent, turn away from the image, confess it as sin and ask God to show you His image that He created you to be. All idolatry hides God’s image. We are created in His image, and Satan wants to mar that.

1 Sam. 15:23: Stubbornness, rebellion is found within our hearts. It is as witchcraft. Repent of all stubbornness and rebellion. Sin is the rejection of the Lord. Each time we rejected the Lord through deception that He did not rescue us, we sinned as children. As adults, we must take responsibility for our actions, confess and forsake it.

Hos. 10:2: Divided hearts are found in idolatry. God will execute judgment and “spoil their images” Either we repent now agreeing with God about our condition, or he will execute judgment. A divided heart is usually found in the person with DID.

Ps. 115:4: Idols do not see or speak. At the essence of my core, I did not see or speak. We become like the idols we worship. The core person in idolatry usually is mute and blind. Connect with that core person and own the extent of idolatry. Do not keep dissociating away the core person that existed for idolatry. Own it. God will cleanse our hearts and we can see Him and speak for Him!

Acts 7:41: Rejoicing in the works our hands without giving praise and honor to God is idolatry. Give glory to God for His work in our lives. Repentance will issue forth in forgiveness and a joyful heart and identity.

1 Cor. 10:7ff: Craving evil things is idolatry. We are to flee from idolatry. Confess all our evil cravings and ask God to cleanse us from all conditioning that has occurred through the extensive programming. How many of us have come out of drug abuse, immorality, eating disorder, etc. We have craved evil things. All Satanic rituals are centered in evil cravings.

Eph. 5:5-12: Idolatry is immorality and covetousness. We will loose our inheritance in Christ unless we repent. Any fears we may have had about loss of full reward may stem from entanglement with idolatry. Forsake all forms of idolatry so that we will not loose our inheritance in Christ. God has a wonderful plan for all of us if we accept it and forsake the satanic agenda that we were entangled with. The book of Ephesians explains God’s wonderful plan for us. T.A. Sparks’s books also give God’s plan for us and His children. We can never know it unless we come 100% clean from idolatry.

1 Cor. 5:11: Idolatry is immorality, coveting. All ritual activity involves immorality. Connect those aspects of selves that have been involved. Do not dissociate it away, but own it, connect with it. God already knows. Do not be ashamed of the selves that had to do the abominable things. God is standing at the door knocking and waiting for us to run into Him as His children so that He can cleanse us experientially. We are positionally; He is waiting for ALL of our hearts to intimately know Him. We cannot without owning idolatry, forsaking it and running to Him.

Acts 17: 16: Paul was provoked because the city was full of idols. He was provoked in his spirit because others were involved in idolatry. A Godly person will be provoked when around idolatry. Do not be dismayed if those around you are provoked by your presence. Ask God to show you your idolatry and run to Him for His forgiveness and the joy He has for you!

Gal. 5:20: Deeds of flesh, soul, is idolatry. No inheritance for those who are after the flesh and not the spirit. Connect with all idolaters inside, own it, and do not dissociate it away. God will cleanse your heart only after you have owned it.

Col. 3:5-6: The wrath of God is on these deeds: idolatry, immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed. 3:10; the new man is made in God’s image, not in the image of idolatry. All idolatry displaces God’s rightful place with the image of the one that we worship. WE cannot find that true image without first owning and connecting with the idolatrous image. We are created to worship God. We become like the one we worship, whether God or Satan. If we feel God’s wrath upon us, repent of idolatry in the core person, connect with that person by owning the idolatry, becoming the idolatry, and God will welcome you home!

Ps. 106:36: Idols are a snare. Satan knows this! All who are SRA/DID are snared by idolatry. It is shameful, but do not hide it. Bring it out into the light. God knows all that has been done in darkness.

Ps. 115:8: WE become like the idols. The core person is like the one we have worshipped. (Actually at the very heart is usually a heart to know the true God but was not given opportunity. That is why the “Christian” person is so repelled by the “idolatrous ones”. It is really ALL you, so own it ALL, God is waiting for you with open arms. So why should we not be like Him and embrace all of ourselves and offer it to Him. God loves you with outstretched arms.)

Ps. 135:18: Those who trust in idols will be like them. If we find it difficult to trust God, look for the one who has put his/her trust in idols. The infant aspects first learn trust. We learned to trust idols/demons as infants. Connect with all aspects of selves that first trusted in demons for our very life. God will welcome you with open arms.

Acts 15:29: Abstain from things contaminated by idols. Our very food as infants, children, adults, have been contaminated by idols. The gods have blessed them and the food is sacrificed to idols. Hence many SRA/DID persons will have an eating disorder to varying degrees of severity related to the extent of the idolatry and food eaten that was for idols. Some parts that experience anorexia cannot eat unless it is contaminated food. That is all that is known. All parts must embrace these ones and accept the atrocities associated with “intimacy of eating, fellowship with demons” and renounce and expel all demons associated with this activity. I believe that the root of the eating disorders is centered in idolatry. Warfare can help the person connect to the true self, the core person that is surrounded in the idolatry. Repentance of all activity associated with feeding spirits is of necessity. It is essential to begin to make choices to feed, nourish and cherish the body with healthily foods that God inhabits as His temple. Also to make healthy lifestyle choices is essential ie: getting proper sleep, stop smoking and abusing His temple. These are all choices that a person must begin to develop in order to become healthy spiritually, cubically and bodily. Our bodies have been through a holocaust, so now we are given the opportunity to learn how to take care of the temple that God inhabits. All abuse of the body is centered in idolatry and satanic hatred for us as human beings. Repent of all hatred of the body that God has given you and begin to make choices to glorify God in it.

Eph. 2:11: God takes idolaters into his home and makes them new. We become a new temple for the living God and not a temple of death. Vs. 20ff we are one in spirit with the Almighty God and His temple founded on the Apostles. Renounce all counterfeits that have come in to make your body the temple of Satan.

2 Cor. 6:14: Temple of idols in our body vs. the temple of God. We must choose before our Lord and Savior what we want to be; it is one or the other. Renounce being a temple of Satan. We are commanded to come out and be separate. Not dissociate from it inside, but connect with all aspects of us. Only then can we be separate outside from those who would drag us back into idolatry.

1 Thes. 1: 9-10: Remnant characteristics. Those who have come from idolatrous backgrounds have remnant characteristics. This is why Satan has targeted us and so polluted us with his demons is to mar the remnant so that God would not have a pure bride to return to. There is hope if we turn to God with all our heart, mind, will, emotions, spirit, soul and body.

1 John 5:21: Idolatry prevents us from fellowship with God and His people. If we find ourselves isolated and difficulty connecting to His people, look for idolatry. 1 John starts out with fellowship and intimacy with God, and ends with warning about idolatry. Idolatry will mar all intimacy with God and His people.

Rev. 2:14-20: To eat things sacrificed to idols. God warns about this that it is displeasing to Him. Eating with others represents fellowship. Eating food sacrificed to idols mars all fellowship with Himself and His people. It is fellowshipping with demons. Of interest, 1 and 2 Corinthians have 16 mentions of the word idolatry. All other references in the New Testament are 13 times total.

Old Testament Scriptures:

Lev. 19:4: Make no molten images

2 Kings 21:11: Others are affected by idolatry Idols=non-existent things. They have the sentence of death. We become like death. Idolatry brings in death. God = life 1 chron 16:26

Isa 2:18ff: Idols will cease. God give us time to repent before He brings in His judgment. Arrogance is idolatry.

Isa.45:19: Seek God while in a dark place and He will bring deliverance. All idolatry brings darkness. When we repent, He hears and will bring us out. Do not wait until you think you are in a “good place”. God’s word commands us to seek Him now, when we are in a dark place. It is His job to bring us out.

Isa. 46:1. Idolatry is a burden. Jesus says to take His yoke it is easy and light.

Isa. 57: Marital bed is defiled on a high mountain. All idolatry will seek to enter the most intimate place that is for God and man and wife. It interfaces with all intimacy and destroys marriages and fellowship. Connect to the inner most core of self that has know the “intimacy” or marriage with idols (highest ranking demon). Confess all idolatry of spiritual adultery and connect with the self that has been involved.

Isa. 57:11: God is silent while we are in our idolatry. We may have trouble hearing from God. Jeremiah 50: 2: Bel and Marduk will be shattered and put to shame. Confess all links with these two.

Ezek. 6:5ff: God will judge His people for the corporate idolatry of the Church. He will leave a remnant. Pray and ask to be a part of the remnant and judge everything now so that we will be ready for that Day when He will judge His church.

Ezek. 14:3: If we have idols in our heart, set idols before our face then ask of the Lord, God is displeased. God is against us if we do not repent, we have gone to rituals then try to ask of the Lord. We must repent first, acknowledge our sin, connect to the idolatry, then we can hear from the Lord and He will speak to us.

16:36. God will judge us using the idols we are ensnared with.

20:7 Cast away idols of Egypt before we can have fellowship with Him. The wilderness journey is to get idolatry out of us. 2

3:30 We are guilty by association with national idolatry. Confess all national idolatry of parents, etc.

30:16 Renounce all idolatry with Peleisuim and Noph (Memphis), Thebes.

36:25-26. God will give us new heart. He has promised.

Hosea 8:4: Idols of gold and silver. Some people have a fascination with jewelry. This could be liked with idolatry.

Zech. 10:2: Renounce all worship of teraphim

13:2: All idols will be cut off one day. God is giving us an opportunity now to cut them off ourselves. It will go well with us if we do. He is very merciful and full of loving-kindness. Like the prodigal son, come back to God. He will heal all our apostasy, and idolatry. Do not be afraid or ashamed to come to Him. He has deliverance if we will only turn to Him with our whole heart.

Deut. 30:2-3 commands us to come to Him and obey Him with all our heart and soul according to all that I command us today, then the Lord your God will restore us from captivity, and have compassion on you, and will gather us again from all the people where the Lord our God has scattered us. Idolatry scatters us, only by coming to Him as we are, now, admit the idolatry, then He can heal. DID is a spiritual disorder, idolatry is at the root of this spiritual disorder. Watchman Nee explains in The Spiritual Man how demonization can occur through passivity. Idolatry in our spirit renders our will passive and we become a passive receptacle of demons. Through actively taking ownership of our part, our involvement, and our entwinement with idolatry (ie:demonization) God, will do His part. Only God can restore through repentance, through loving support by His people, and teaching how to act as He created Man to be.


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