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About Unto One

Unto One was born out of a desperate need and a simple heart cry. 


The meaning of Unto One is threefold:

Unto Oneness of Self

From shattered to Whole

As we journey out of darkness and into light, integration is a natural part of the process.  Dissociation and internal separation, though a gift from God and a beautiful survival strategy, is not natural.  It is a response to trauma and the unthinkable.  What once was is gone, but in time we find something new is born.

Unto Oneness as a Body

From Isolation to Community

If we cannot know ourselves, we cannot be known by others. 

As we become more integrated, we find ourselves to be a small yet wonderful part of a glorious whole.  Our Father has given His family as our family and brought us in as part of the Body of His Son.

Unto the One

Living Unto the King Eternal

We all begin the journey for various reasons, but disillusionment sifts us like sand.  In the end, He alone is worthy.  We walk this road for ourselves, yes, and our children, our friends and those still captive, but in the end there is but one reason to keep going and only One Who sustains.  Unto Him we live.

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