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  • What is DID?
    DID stand for Dissociative Identity Disorder Wikipedia definition: Dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder, is a mental disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. There is often trouble remembering certain events, beyond what would be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. These states alternately show in a person's behavior. Presentations, however, are variable. Associated conditions often include borderline personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, substance misuse disorder, self-harm, or anxiety. The cause is believed to be due to childhood trauma. Resources: What Is Psychological Trauma? What Are Traumatic Memories? What Is a Dissociative Disorder? Understanding Integration Please note these resources are provided by a non-Christian Clinical Institute.
  • What is SRA?
    SRA stands for Sadistic (or Satanic) Ritual Abuse. Wikipedia definition: Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organised abuse, sadistic ritual abuse, and other variants) ... SRA involved reports of physical and sexual abuse of people in the context of occult or Satanic rituals. In its most extreme form, SRA involves a worldwide organisation including the wealthy and powerful of the world elite in which children are abducted or bred for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution. Resources: Satanic Ritual Abuse Explained SRA/DID Resources - Doug Riggs SRA/DID Seminars - Doug Riggs, Amanda Buys
  • How can I stop this?
    I have found in my own life that whether it’s programming, conditioning or sin nature at every turn, I was trying to exert some measure of control. As soon as I’d have a breakthrough I would immediately be trying to control the process again. There is not strength within the person to “stop this”. At a deep spiritual level we have been interfaced corporately with powers and principalities and satan. The very capacity that we have been created with, the knowledge of God, has been taken and used to know that which hates God most vehemently. In that place of knowing, a “bond” is formed. A cleaving. And it must be separated out and displaced - one baby step at a time. This process is the integration process. Each bit of soul-ground dispossessed by satan is repossessed by the person (and the Lord) and a new level of integration occurs. It is through this process of: breaking the stronghold, the union of the will with satan and hybrids, and restoring submission to God, that the “rights” of satan to “access” a person are legally broken. The person, not just positionally, but experientially, passes out of darkness and into the domain of Light of the Son of God! And God is given back His rights...which includes His right to “access” the person. It’s a transfer of all that makes up a person's life and essence from one kingdom to another. That stops it. And in the process the person also gets integration as a by-product of God getting His Rights.
  • What do I need to do to stop being accessed?
    You cannot stop yourself from being accessed. Many people stay divided because they think by one aspect of self-controlling another through behavior modification, one will find integration. This is a lie and a common bit of programming to maintain dissociation and give the person a sense of control. It’s all a facade though. To stop going out or being accessed one must cry out to the Lord and allow Him to take you through the breaking process. Of course you must do the counseling work, but I’ve seen Doug counsel hundreds of hours with people and they seem to be more cult active than when they started!!! (If that’s even possible.) That’s where it becomes a core issue. A core issue is an issue in the foundation of the person that is driving decisions up through all the “parts”. As long as someone is divided they can be accessed. This doesn’t always mean they will be though. Once the Lord had what He needed of my core will surrendering to Him, He moved on my behalf and has covered and protected me during the rest of the delicate integration process. People often want to get to the place where they are not able to be accessed. This isn’t a proper goal...although very natural to human nature. They’ve wanted all their life to get to the place they can’t be accessed! Who wouldn’t?!?! But this is the Lord’s work, not the person’s. I can technically be accessed today - kidnapped or raped or whatnot, but the only difference is that I would know! Integration is seen as a place of safety and protection from pain, but it isn’t. Integration brings excruciating pain that one has avoided for a lifetime and the Lord must capacitate the person for integration. Hence the process. Integration is accepting oneself for who one is. If one only wants integration because they want to be safe and feel less pain then that “need” will continually prevent them from the very goal they seek.
  • Do I need to repent for my cult-aligned part for going out?
    No. You can’t repent for a part. Repenting means to turn the heart or return to the Lord. It would be like me trying to repent for something you did last night. It’s a matter of jurisdiction. The repentance is the issue but the aspect trying to repent for another part needs to accept the reality that their separation means that there is control, self-righteousness, judgement and a different sort of idolatry. Why is there separation? I have never meet a cult aligned aspect of self that once offered light and Co-consciousness doesn’t repent within hours, sometimes minutes. There is an obvious rebellious will (cult activity) and then there is the hidden. Often the hidden rebellious will is the religious, self-righteous will that maintains separation. A need to be good outside of Christ. A cult active aspect of self isn't given many options. The religious side often has the choice and prefers control. God must break this.
  • But my cult-aligned part is me, so I need to confess my own attendance at the ritual events?"
    Yes, accepting this is you is a very important step! Connecting, accepting and knowing is the next step. Letting yourself be aware of your own wretchedness without escape is very good for the soul 😁. It helps breakdown amnesia and makes room for the Lord.
  • What is core and how do I know if I am getting to it?
    I would say that core is always watching, so even when you are dealing with “superficial” layers, some aspect of core is always watching to see what happens. I would also say that it is really important not to outwardly label core vs non-core. Doug never does this. If the client learns some of the prayer strategy and tries to “help”, it will create internal dynamics where some parts have more value than others, based on how the client labels core vs non-core. This obviously creates division and enhances internal control. In actuality all the strong escapes the client would label as “core” are actually less “core” than all the deepest, most broken parts that wants nothing to do with being important. These deepest core parts embody shame, vulnerability, hopelessness and non-verbal, indescribable pain around bonding and the lack of it. NOTE! Finding all the most wicked adult parts is NOT the answer. Just joining with the most satanic driven will in the client's system, does not ensure ONE whole person for no more access. For the client to see herself as wicked is not the issue. ANSWER: The client must just be herself as most vulnerable, powerless, feminine and tender-hearted is the issue. That which is made into a beast, not just the escape beast, but the client as a little human girl treated like a beast, rejected by her stand-in father and handed to nephilim who then almost destroys her when she gives her heart to Jesus ... both are core, origin (little baby girl) and the escape (beast). Mother and wife of anti-christ are core and their origin is core. You need ALL the will of the client. Most systems are so tightly wound and held together by principalities - it can take months and months to be able to get to the humanity of the core. Regenerating systems and Self-programming You need to be aware of all kinds of regenerating systems and self-programming which gets put in place. Most times the main core splits are principality-based - controlled by principalities. Programmers have got to a level in programming where they can divide body, soul and spirit throughout the entire system of the client. Janus Programming There can also be a kind of program installed, similar to Janus programming, where all main core parts have a speaking front part and a ghost-like part behind that which is never to be in the body. They create like a “ cleavage" between soul and body and sometimes they aren’t even aware of each other being positioned back to back. Many times therapists would integrate the speaking part BUT then the back would regenerate the front. You will need both, back to join front, coming forward into the present. Before you will be able to get to the “core” wife/wives and mother/mothers, you will need to work through complicated constructs - castles, jewels, diamond, and so forth. This construct isn’t necessarily “core” in a sense of being the origin or final destination, but rather it is a "holding place” containing all of the client’s humanity as wife, mother, beast and daughter. It all has to be unwound and unpacked so that the client can eventually see each facet of their conception, birth, new birth identity. The construct identity isn’t core, but she holds the key and path to core. I hope this helps to understand CORE ...
  • What is the Hybrid Breeding Program? Is it real?
    "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be before the coming of the Son of Man." Hundreds of seemingly unrelated women around the world have reported deep state projects, alien abductions and being used as prostitutes as well as breeders. What is going on? Are these women crazy, delusional or do they stand to gain something for sharing their 'experiences' with the world? For an in depth look at the hybrid breeding progam as it relates to this time in history please invest your time into the following YouTube Series.
  • What is the One World Order?
    Amir from Behold Israel explains the agenda and history of the One World Order / Illuminati beautifully here.
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