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September 5th, 2021

Hello dear friends!

Here we are again, state-side this time, meandering across the country, making new friends and treasuring old ones (not an age reference to you “mature” folks out there .) We have had pit stops in Colorado - we love you Ellerslie! - and Kansas City and will soon complete our trek to New York.

News flash: I'm selling my house and moving to a new country. Oh, yes. It’s happening.

I’m thrilled. And also deeply grateful. And also not sure if I lost a marble or two. But aren’t we so very thankful that Jesus is all we ever need, marbles or not?!

So Elda and I are off galavanting, learning to travel together, pray together, minister together and love each precious soul we encounter. At the end of the journey, we hope to clean out my house and give many dear ones hugs before returning to her home country.

Before we left…

Elda and I traveled south to support the youth in San Juan. God has put a desire in several of the Spanish youth to begin outreaches to a neighboring Creole community. The services are youth-focused and youth-led. After our last meeting, the local pastor requested that Elda begin a Celebrate Recovery group with the youth leaders so that they might be better equipped to minister to others. Elda agreed and the youth leaders are very excited! We hope to begin weekly meetings upon our return.

While visiting San Juan, we hopped over to visit with friends in a nearby village. Elda has invested in many leaders in this area through another Celebrate Recovery group, but due to Covid and a recent Church split, community life has been squelched. We were able to visit many of the women and share in the Lord together. Since our departure, the women have decided to start up meetings again. Please pray for their hearts and for unity. Also, that recent woundings and fear would not continue to drive these women into isolation or render them passive.

Coming up next…

In a city up north, Elda had been invited to run a medical retreat for several women. We were going to schedule this last month, but a couple ladies needed surgeries so the trip was delayed until we get back. Stay tuned!

Two more opportunities have come up for new Celebrate Recovery groups. A man that graduated from Hedges, an addiction rehabilitation center, has requested a new group in his home town. We are also in the beginning stages of discussing setting up a Celebrate Recovery group for women who have been trafficked. There is so much need, please pray that we might have the Lord’s direction.

On the home front...

Let there be chickens!

5000 baby chicks arrived and we have loved every minute, even the chasing-cats-with-machetes ones. (No cats were harmed in the making of this tale.) These sweet babies remind me just how fragile life is and how gentle and caring our Father is. I had the privilege of nursing one little guy. Meet Sir Charlie Peeper, Chicken King of the Jungle (pic below). He was a sweet little chick. He didn’t live long, but he certainly brought such joy to us. He rarely opened his eyes, but he learned our voices and when we were close he made the cutest happy peeps.

Doors have been opening in our hometown! The week before we left, Elda partnered with a Mennonite woman to host a Bible Study breakfast for several German-speaking women. I’ll be honest, I have NO idea what anyone said. But I watched as each woman shared and was honored. Some seemed hesitant at first, but Elda has a way of drawing out the heart and making each one feel special. Within minutes I saw shoulders relax and giggles slip out. By the end, the room felt peaceful and the women thanked Elda. It was beautiful to watch.

Blessings in Disguise...

My last week here was a bit surprising, but God always seems to enjoy epic conclusions. Many of you know I’ve battled sickness and autoimmune issues for years. Well, we may have just discovered the source! After running fevers for a couple weeks, I visited a local doc who ran some tests and discovered I have - ahem… and I quote - “LOTS AND LOTS” of parasites. *gag*

Side note: Just as a bit of advice, I highly recommend if you visit a foreign and get some lab tests done, that when the lab emails you the results but the doc isn’t available to explain them, DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGES OF WHATEVER MIGHT BE INSIDE YOU. I’m just saying, it’s ok not to know. Really.

The good news is once we kill all the “evildoers,” as Elda calls them, I might be able to eat normally again and feel better than I have in years! Wouldn’t that be fun!

Prayer Requests & Needs

  • Please pray that we might have direction regarding where to spend our time and resources. There are a lot of needs and requests for help, but we want to be sensitive to the Lord.

  • Elda and I want to be strategic and unified in both prayer and action.

  • Please pray for unity for the Body of Christ here.

  • We are looking for a reliable vehicle for the ministry, one that could eventually pull a mobile medical clinic!

  • While we are in the states, please pray that the 1,001 practical decisions get made quickly (and with much patience.)

  • Please pray for my (Adelyn) physical health, that God would continue to strengthen my body to fight evildoers.

  • The trained Celebrate Recovery leaders and their families need prayer. The warfare is no joke, especially for these precious believers standing for truth and righteousness in significant darkness.

We want to thank everyone that has prayed for us and contributed to financial needs. We are so humbled by your generosity and willingness to participate in this work with us. We are beginning to set aside money for a vehicle. Once we have a reliable vehicle for travel, we hope to begin building out a mobile medical clinic and then a therapy-oriented playground for the children that receive trauma therapy. If you would like to donate – Here is a link to PayPal.

Special thanks to Noonday jewelry for loving us and contributing to the work! We also want to give a special shout out to the individual that sponsored our trip back to the states. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!

Love to you all,

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