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October 22nd, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones! What a wonderful few weeks it has been. Elda and I are aware of a deep excitement when we think about the future. Our Father is faithful and knows each of us so well; He continues to surprise us and keep us in awe. I still pinch myself and wonder at how I got here, to this beautiful country working with such beautiful people. It's not easy, but I can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be. Ministry Updates

Our time up north was lovely. We visited a Creole Baptist Church where Elda's graduate started a Celebrate Recovery Group. Elda shared almost an hour with some of the church members and was able to encourage the man leading CR. We were also able to sit down with the pastor and share our hearts for the addicts in the area. We hope to return soon, after the church has a few meetings on their own. All in all, it was quite profitable! This weekend we drive down south to begin Celebrate Recovery with the youth in San Juan. We are pretty stoked about this! We will be meeting with them Saturday, which also happens to be Elda's Birthday. When I asked her why she planned it on her Birthday, she goes, "Oh. I didn't know. I forgot." That is Elda. But I know the best gift she could receive is being in His perfect will and seeing His Life touch others. And so we go! We also plan on visiting another small village on where Elda has several leaders already trained. We would really appreciate prayer for this community. When covid hit, everything shut down and division came in. The church split, and most of the attendees simply went into isolation. There are so many potential leaders, but it seems fear and unhealed wounds have rendered many passive. Please pray for God to stir and awaken hearts!

Next Week Next week Elda and I will be traveling daily to a city nearby to do health treatments on two women from Mexico. These women do not know the Lord (yet), and our prayer is that they would meet Him during this time. Thus far there seems to be quite a bit of warfare around this opportunity, so we invite you to pray with us for God to breakthrough. Also, my visitor visa expires next week, so I need to visit the government building in the capital, Belmopan. I have not been vaccinated and the government only allows vaccinated people to enter the facility, soooo I'm not sure yet how that will work. I would be grateful for prayer for favor! My hope is to extend my visitor visa long enough that I have more time to apply for a work visa.


Rainy season is (finally) upon us here! The soft pattering of drops on the roof is such a welcome sound at night. The new generation of flies and mosquitoes are most UNwelcome, but with the rain comes new opportunities! I was able to sneak in some heirloom vegetable seeds from the states and we have begun planning garden beds. For those of you that don't know much about Belize (like me), there are really only 2 seasons: wet and not-as-wet. I say not-as-wet because the humidity is still always over 80%, therefore I am still wet. Always. So, I've decided that healing is a bit like drying clothes in the midst of rainy season. Just when I think I'm "done" with that bit of work, the sky cackles and the downpour begins..... and I am so nicely reminded that life isn’t about finishing the todo list, physically or spiritually. Perhaps that patch of soul just needed another rinse or maybe I just need to slow down a bit to make room for Him. I'm so grateful we have a Father that really does know just what we need – the Great Opportunist – I like to call Him, perfectly orchestrating all of life's mess to reveal the beauty of Jesus. Over the last couple weeks, the Lord keeps sending me little reminders of how He enjoys the journey. I think about how the Father must have taken delight in watching Jesus grow into a man, learn a trade, learn how to tend to his gentle mother and siblings, learn how to suffer. Jesus didn't have to come as a baby and grow into a man, and God doesn't have to take a decade to heal some wounds, but then would we miss the chance to learn dependence, responsibility, and grace to endure hardship? And would our Father miss the joy of watching us grow? On the stormy days, I choose to remember His smile and that it's not just about doing the next "thing". It's about Him. Learning to abide in His tender love is tasting eternity. Prayer Requests

  1. All the things I mentioned above...

  2. MINISTRY CAR. The car we were driving (you know, the borrowed one) broke it's timing belt, among other things, I'm sure. Thankfully, I was stranded not too far from the house and after I dropped off the VERY-pregnant-lady. So now, we are in need of a car, for real. Please join us in prayer.

  3. More Celebrate Recovery Books - the group in Orange Walk is all using one book. All the remaining books we have are in Spanish.

  4. Loose ends - please continue to pray that my visa situation will work out here and all the loose ends in the states will be tied up, including the sale of the house and grace for my dear friends that are hauling a few of my things west for storage. We want to thank everyone that has contributed to our financial needs. We are so humbled by your generosity and willingness to participate in this work with us. If you would like to support us, Here is a link to PayPal. Grateful for each and every one of you!

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