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December 16th, 2021

Greetings dear friend!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the tropics! We hope and pray you are well .

Elda and I recently slipped away to the states to spend time waiting on the Lord for this next season. God opened a few doors and we were able to return to the place we met just 6 short months ago – Ellerslie! It was a time of healing, cleaning out of hearts and blissful coffee dates with friends and mountains. We are so grateful for our dear friends at Ellerslie and the place of peace and rest they provided for us. We are thrilled and honored at the opportunities before us (especially to begin Celebrate Recovery in a safe house this January!!) But at the same time we are very aware of how human and in need of Jesus we both are. Our deepest desire is to stay low, stay dependent and walk this out hand-in-hand with our Hero. Just a couple epic pics of our time away…

UP NORTH This weekend we travel north for a CR testimony day at a Baptist Church. Elda will be sharing her testimony alongside her graduate (prayers appreciated!) Elda is so so proud of this young man and his desire to see others set free. He is still walking out his own recovery, but he has a great support team in his family and pastor. HEDGES Next week we begin the process of inventory with the men at Hedges, the rehabilitation facility we visit weekly. This is a sober but beautiful time where the men will do a "searching and fearless moral inventory" of their lives and allow God to lay things bare that have been hidden in darkness. God has graciously provided a man to walk alongside us in this process. All of the men have requested a male leader for their inventory and we are elated that God has answered our prayer! Elda will be training Mr. Roy and overseeing the process, but the men will be able to share their hearts man-to-man. Yay! CLOSE TO HOME Elda and I have begun mentoring/counseling a few women locally with abuse histories. These precious women are going against cultural and religious pressure by asking for help. Although the community has tremendous need for counseling, asking for help in this way is frowned upon. Elda often schedules ladies for a massage when they just need to talk because massage is an acceptable form of therapy. Many tears have been shed on that massage table and many hearts touched by Jesus, but we hope and pray that there are many more to come for the women in our home community. CONNECTIONS ABROAD It has been such a gift being able to connect with other CR leaders in Canada and Cambodia. We’ve had a couple video chats with a leader in Cambodia that has used CR to help men and women coming out of trafficking. If you haven’t heard of Hard Places Ministry, you can check them out here. It has been a privilege getting to know these precious believers and learn from their experience. Please keep these men and women on the front lines in your prayers! MUSINGS...

I love this picture. Life can be such a blur, such a battle to keep the eternal in view. Days melt into weeks and I often find my vision has fallen to the fleeting. I must once again lift my eyes to the immovable, the steadfast mountain on the horizon and remember my King. He is always so gentle and kind. And some days you just gotta throw your hands up and enjoy the ride, resting in His faithfulness. May you know His gentle nearness and tender love through all the bustling of this holiday season. For those of you that grieve through the holidays or struggle to navigate tough family dynamics, know you are seen. You have a Father Who is for you; He is a shelter in the storm. PRAYER REQUESTS

  • A ministry vehicle - please continue to pray for His guidance regarding a vehicle for ministry. We trust His timing.

  • The Safe House - as 2022 draws near, preparations for the safe house are increasing. Policies, procedures, staff training and all the government requirements take a lot of time and energy. Please pray for our dear friend, Ms Diana as she continues the setup work. Her heart and vision is to create a model for safe houses all over Central America.

  • The men at Hedges - the inventory process is a turning point in many people's lives. It allows individuals to truly surrender the past to God and move forward in His grace. Please pray that the men's hearts will be prepared and all hindrances removed.

  • Open doors for the women in our community to get healing.

  • Wisdom in regards to setting priorities.

We are deeply grateful for you and would be honored to hear how we can pray for you. If you would like to financially support us, Here is a link to PayPal. Anything you give goes directly to ministry (mainly gas and teaching materials .) Much love, Elda & Adelyn

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