August 15th, 2021

Hello my dear friends,

It is a pleasure and an honor to write to you from this beautiful country! I have been here two full weeks now, working alongside Elda, a local woman who loves the Lord and lives as a missionary to her people. She lives life with a full heart and open hands, inspiring me to trust God more and more each day, It has been an incredible experience. I wake up each morning so grateful that the Lord has saved me, and that I have been invited on this adventure with Him.

A Bit About This Country

Though a small country, has many sub-cultures. I live with Elda in a Mennonite community. The people are incredibly honorable, hard-working and peaceful, wary of outsiders, but generous and God-fearing. They speak a language called low-German. The door is slowly opening for ministry to these people, but it will take time.

Yolanda, a dear friend of Elda (and now me!), is Creole. She is a passionate intercessor and runs a counseling center in the main city where the crime rates are very high. She and her assistant, Marcela, stayed with us a week and we prayed. And prayed. And then prayed a bit more. The Creole people I’ve met are loving, hilarious, full of energy and joy. They speak their own language that has English as a base, but different grammar.

The last main sub-culture I’ve encountered is Spanish. The Spanish people we’ve ministered to are delightful. They are kind, humble, generous and some of the most fiery believers I’ve come across here. We went south to a village called San Juan to meet with some Spanish youth (teens) that run services for their own generation and pray for up to four hours a day for God to save souls. I was humbled, to say the least.

Elda acts as a bridge between the various cultures. She has an understanding of all three cultures and languages and is able to minister to each group uniquely.


The day I landed here, the government released new Covid restrictions, including mask mandates and curfews. Thankfully, Elda and I have still been able to travel and minister, but we have been much more limited.

Current ministry opportunities:

  • Hedges is a home for men coming out of addiction. Elda leads a group called Celebrate Recovery that helps individuals come to Jesus, take ownership of their choices and receive healing.

  • Spanish Lookout - though Elda was once Mennonite, she is no longer a member of the church here, but the women are beginning to come to her for massages and open up about their needs. She is highly respected in the community, and building trust with individuals.

  • Social work - Elda has a degree in social work from Canada and helps find homes for foster kids and helps others navigate the complex system here. Because she isn't licensed in this country, it can be challenging to get things done. For instance, one little boy was supposed to be fostered for 3 months, but it has been 9 months and his foster mom can't get a reply for anyone in the foster care system. He has had a family ready to adopt him for months, but finding someone to sign the papers is very difficult.

  • Holistic medical clinic - Elda is starting up a medical clinic to help support her ministry efforts. Her dream is to be able to go mobile and travel around ministering to people. I am helping her with the business side, but eventually she would like to use this as a ministry platform and not a source of income.


  • Prayer. I reminded each day of the desperate need for prayer. The assaults of the enemy are real and constant, but the abiding peace of our King is so precious. Please pray that we would have strategy and unity. Also, that we would be sensitive to Him and each other and truly walk in His love.

  • Direction. There are so many needs here, and so many open doors. Resources are limited. We need to know where we are called. I’m also sensing God may be inviting me to come serve Elda and her ministry more long-term. If this is His will, I believe I will need to take a trip back to the states and sell my house. Please pray that this would happen quickly.

  • Support. Several of you have asked how you might financially support. Here is a link to PayPal. Anything you give will go directly to ministry. One of the main needs is gas money for traveling. Gas is very expensive here.